Miss Moppe got her first paid gig as an entertainer back in October 2015. Then named Vileda Moppe, she took the stage at Rubyz Cabaret Club in Bournemouth, (google them, they are still killing it!) in their spoof of the classic film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She opened her gob and the rest is history!

In 2016, she entered and won the national drag Talent Competition Drag Idol, and since then her career has gone from strength to strength. She is currently appearing in hit West-End Musical, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, as one of Jamie’s Drag Mothers Laika Virgin (“Because I’m like a virgin, except not;”) Touring the country in her one-woman stand-up show Dirty Blonde; appearing in pantomimes and charity events, and setting up a youtube channel all her own at the end of this year, Launching with her weekly lifestyle show Clean Living. Things are looking very busy for this super talented performer.  

She’s so busy in fact, that she hasn’t even got time to say her first name anymore. Earlier this year, after an intense legal battle with a certain cleaning product manufacturer, this queen settled and streamlined her identity and became simply “Jif” Only joking it’s Miss Moppe.


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